[Samba] Newer Versions Of Samba Has Problems With MS-DOS Clients Causing Slow Transfer Rates

Louie Athanasiadis la at uow.edu.au
Fri Jan 6 06:11:35 GMT 2006

Hello All


I have been connecting MS-DOS clients to the SAMBA server that is running
either KNOPPIX 4.0.2, CENTOS 4.2, FEDORA CORE 4 (ie latest versions of these
OS's standard installs no tweaks to the smb.conf). The transfer rate to the
server is about 300KB per sec (100 Mb Card at each end). When I connect with
my WIN-XP machine the transfer rate is up to 5MB per second (on a 100 Mb
card at each end). The ethtool command tells me that the network card is
correctly configured on the server - ie 100Mb and full-duplex.


On the same server hardware I ran above I used KNOPPIX 3.6, and FEDORA CORE
2 4 (standard installs no tweaks to the smb.conf).. The MS-DOS and WIN-XP
connections both ran at about 5MB per second.


My question is, is this it a Kernel Problem or a SAMBA problem that is
causing the SLOW DOWN of MS-DOS clients on the NEWER Kernels / SAMBA
versions. Does anyone know how to fix this or do I keep using old OS / Samba
versions to keep my DOS clients happy.





Regards Louie

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