[Samba] Problems with MySQL backend.

Florian Effenberger floeff at arcor.de
Thu Jan 5 17:57:04 GMT 2006

Hi Jerry,

> He's already on it :-)


> This really boils down to a communication problem.  Developers
> are expected to subscribe to both the samba-cvs and the samba-technical
> lists.  The samba-pdbsql alias is really only intended for use in
> bugzilla (default owner of pdb_sql component).

Okay, that makes sense. Filip, Darrell, will you subscribe to this 
lists? I could, too, but I guess as a non-developer I can't do much with 
this... :-)

> A simple small test server running the
> SAMBA_3_0 tree (updated every few days or so).  That way, when
> something in the pdb*sql modules break, whether intentionally or
> not, you will know immediately.

Filip already told he can set up two test servers, so that should work. 
Currently, I have one production machine which I can test new releases 
of the module on in the evening (it's in a school, thus no users after 6 
or 7 pm). Will see if I can re-activate two old machines in-house and 
test there as well.

Filip, if you want, you can give me RDP and SSH access so I can debug on 
your machines as well. But that's not necessary (RDP is insecure).

> Filip, you and I should stay in closer contact.  I'll try to
> remember to ping you when there is any relevant developments that
> I think you should be aware of.

Thanks for that offer, Jerry! I really appreciate all your (all Samba 
developers) work in this matter! I know you don't really want this 
module as it's not so widely used, so I appreciate your support even 
more! Thanks! :-)

Could you please ping the whole pdbsql "list" when something new 
happens? (Or, at least, write to me as well.)


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