[Samba] Samba works only with ROOT & Samba Client can't access Windows XP Shares

Nathaniel Dube avatarofvirgo at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 17:47:19 GMT 2006

On Tuesday 03 January 2006 08:56 pm, Matthew Easton wrote:
> Perhaps the problem is that samba doesn't know about the ordinary
> user accounts?

I just learned that Samba requires it's own user accounts to be made and they 
have to match my Windows & Linux user accounts.  Problem solved.

I also had a problem with Linux accessing shares wheather they be hosted on 
Windows or Linux.  After several hours I found out that the SUSE 10 firewall 
was screwing with me when I tried to access shares.  I ended up putting my 
wifi adapter as a Internal device instead of external in the firewall 
settings.  There's no firewall protection for Internal devices by default 
unless you turn it on.  That problem is fixed as well.

So now I can access shares from both Windows and Linux and share files through 
both Windows and Linux.  I was even able to print from Linux when sharing the 
Printer from Linux.  How ever I've yet to figure out how to print from Linux 
to a Windows shared printer.

I realize this next question isn't Samba related, but any idea why I wouldn't 
be able to print from Linux to a Windows shared Printer?

Other then that every thing works now.
Nathaniel Dube
AvatarofVirgo at gmail.com
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