[Samba] Problems with MySQL backend.

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Jan 5 15:26:58 GMT 2006

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Filip Jirsák wrote:
> OK, bugzilla is probably the best place for discussion 
> about several pdb*sql modules problems - it is public, so
> everyone can find if someone else works on some problem
> or tested it and so on.

Bugzilla is good for individual issues.  The samba-technical ml
is best for interaction with other Samba developers (like
Jeremy & Volker).

> At this moment I ca't have two small test servers - one 
> for mysql and another for pgsql. So I can test code for
> mysql it it can compile and start, but I'm not able to test
> it for longer time. For pgsql I can do this. It will be great
> if for example Florian can test pdb_mysql more.

Sounds like a good plan.  If testing resources become an
issue, let me know and I'll try to work out a better solution
for you.

> OK, thanks a lot. I will look tomorrow and within weekend 
> on current CVS code and I will try to tidy pdb_sql issues in
> bugzilla so we will know what is critical, what is already
> done etc.

Thanks.  Much appreciated.  Ping me if you have questions.

cheers, jerry
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