[Samba] Problems with MySQL backend.

Florian Effenberger floeff at arcor.de
Thu Jan 5 11:49:08 GMT 2006

Hi Filip,

> Ok, I think it's time to someone say "I will maintain this." So I'm
> saying it :-) I can maintain pdb_*sql code - I depends on pdb_pgsql,
> but I think it is effective to maintain both mysql and pgsql together.
> Jeremy, do you think if it will be useful to create samba-sql mail
> list for these who take interest on samba pdb_*sql modules?

thanks a lot for taking this over!

We have a samba-pdbsql at samba.org alias (but no "real" mailing list). 
Messages sent there get to a group of persons who want to contribute to 
the development of the SQL module.

Jerry, can you add Filip to this alias?


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