[Samba] samba, cups and cupsaddsmb

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Thu Jan 5 01:27:23 GMT 2006

> I am used to do the following to install a new printer using the cups
> driver, (which is in /usr/share/cups/drivers - and also tried the
> same with adobe and wind. generic ps driver)

So if you type "ls /usr/share/cups/drivers" you get e.g. "ps5ui.dll"
and other driver files showing up?  All filenames are lowercase?

> 1. I install the printer in cups with its ppd file - from foomatic-db
> or vendor ppd over the webinterface (its the best way for me)
> 2. reload the smb.conf for the new printer be seen from samba
> 3. cupsaddsmb -U adminuser -v cupsprintername

You should probably do step #3 before #2, so that when Samba first
notices the printer the driver files are already available.

> step 3 should copy the files the windows clients need to
> printer-driver-path from smb.conf ([print$]) wich in this case
> is /var/lib/samba/printers here are is the folder W32X86 with the
> subfolders 2 and 3. The drivers are the copied to one of theese two.

What happens if you manually copy the files to the print$ share?  Does
it make a difference if you make the print$ share
world-writable/unrestricted when you run cupsaddsmb, just in case it's
a permissions problem?

> Now on my new installations (i tried many times in the last days) the
> drivers are not copied to the [print$] share, so the windows client
> don't find them.

You could try copying the generic Adobe drivers to print$/W32X86/3/
which is where my files are located.  This should be enough to get it
working with the Adobe driver - I'm not sure where the other drivers
put their files but if you could find this out you should be able to
use any driver.


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