[Samba] Samba Posix ACL and classical files permissions

Albe k3rmit at libero.it
Wed Jan 4 17:12:29 GMT 2006

Well, when i first installed samba without POSIX ACLs, it simply showed 
the classical rwx permissions of the owner, group and others  as the 
corresponding permissions in the "allow" column of the security panel.

I would suggest to consider ACLs if present, otherwise to show the 
classical permissions, which i think reflects the real behavior in linux.

Am i wrong?


Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
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> Albe wrote:
>> Thank you very much.
>> I think though that this is very misleading for the 
>> casual windows user and the behavior should be as much
>> as possible pertinent or understandable.
> It is inuitive once you understand it, but perhaps not
> well documented.  Unless of course, you have a suggestion
> for a better way to map posix acls onto Windows security
> descriptors?
> cheers, jerry
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