[Samba] Update LDAP password

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Wed Jan 4 13:53:42 GMT 2006

Michael George wrote:
> Yusuf is right, phpldapadmin will only manipulate the ldap directory. 
> While this may be useful at times, you probably do not want to add users 
> with phpldapadmin.  You *certainly* don't want to try to change 
> passwords with it, as they will be out of sync with one another.

Ok, thanks for the tip...

I'd be interested in hearing what GUI tools some of you more experienced 
with LDAP use to manage Samba...

I'm fairly new to LDAP (and Samba), and from the LDAP stuff I've been 
reading (a bit daunting), a good GUI tool that *reliably* manages Samba 
Accounts in LDAP would be much appreciated.

Thanks again,



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