[Samba] Trouble Connecting to Server

Eric Hines eehines at comcast.net
Wed Jan 4 03:00:51 GMT 2006

At 01/02/06 22:36, Craig White wrote:
>On Mon, 2006-01-02 at 22:24 -0600, Eric Hines wrote:
> > At 01/02/06 21:37, Adam Nielsen wrote:
> > > > I'm having trouble connecting to my Samba server.  The immediate
> > > > symptom is that I cannot see my Samba server in my Windows Network
> > > > Neighborhood, and so I cannot connect to it to check my share
> > > > connections.
>try 'wins support = yes' in smb.conf

It's there, and winbindd is running.

> > >If running \\samba.ip on a Windows box works, then this is definitely
> > >the problem.
> >
> > Additional data, from an error log I have named.conf generating,
> > keeping in mind that I have dynamic dns turned on.  I'm getting
> > messages to the effect that my test1 dot biz dot hosts dot jnl file
> > (test1 dot biz dot hosts is the forward lookup file that, among other
> > things, defines the points of contact for my two subnets) cannot be
> > created due to a permission denied error.  My test1 dot biz dot hosts
> > forward lookup table lives in /var/lib/named/master directory, with
> > permissions rw-r--r--, and it's owned by root:root.  Further, even
> > though I have ddns running, this test1 dot biz dot hosts file remains
> > unchanged from the day I created it--not a thing has been added to
> > it.  Should there have been by now, or am I exposing my ignorance
> > here?  Further, my named and dhcpd are running in separate chroot
> > jails.  Is this causing problems with updating this file--or any
> > other of my forward lookup files?
>on most systems, named runs as user named and thus cannot make changes
>to files owned by root:root and cannot create journal files in folders
>unless owned by named:named and chmod 775

That's pretty much what I thought.  DO I need to worry about the lack 
of journal files?  I have the impression that these aren't 
particularly relevant to my problem.

> >
> > Finally, what do the error messages mean, and what do I need to do to
> > correct that?
>probably follow some of the best documentation available and resist the
>temptation to shortcut it.

Who--me!?  Take shortcuts!?

>this might be just the chapter you are looking for...

Yeah, it's the Chapt 3 example I'm having trouble with.  I'll look at 
that Chapt 4, too.


Eric Hines

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