[Samba] Samba works only with ROOT & Samba Client can't access Windows XP Shares

Matthew Easton v-vi at trugschluss.org
Wed Jan 4 02:56:36 GMT 2006

Perhaps the problem is that samba doesn't know about the ordinary  
user accounts?

At the command line on the samba server, you may add an account to  
samba with:

	smbpasswd -a your_unix_account_name

You will be prompted for a password twice.

If that isn't the issue, then I would expect that problem is that  
your ordinary user isn't a member of whatever group has permission to  
access the share.

On Jan 3, 2006, at 4:47 PM, Nathaniel Dube wrote:

> I just started learning to use Samba.  I just have the default  
> shares it
> starts with.  When I try to access them I can only use the ROOT  
> account to do
> it.  How can I use my normal account, that I have on the system, to  
> access my
> shares from another networked computer?
> The other computer is running Windows XP and I setup shares on  
> there as well.
> When I browse for host I can see it but it wont let me access any  
> or even see
> a list of shares.  I used the default settings for Windows shares  
> on Windows
> XP.  I realize this last part isn't related to Samba but I am  
> trying to
> access those shares from a Samba client.
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> Nathaniel Dube
> AvatarofVirgo at gmail.com
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