[Samba] Samba works only with ROOT & Samba Client can't access Windows XP Shares

Nathaniel Dube avatarofvirgo at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 00:47:16 GMT 2006

I just started learning to use Samba.  I just have the default shares it 
starts with.  When I try to access them I can only use the ROOT account to do 
it.  How can I use my normal account, that I have on the system, to access my 
shares from another networked computer?

The other computer is running Windows XP and I setup shares on there as well.  
When I browse for host I can see it but it wont let me access any or even see 
a list of shares.  I used the default settings for Windows shares on Windows 
XP.  I realize this last part isn't related to Samba but I am trying to 
access those shares from a Samba client.
Nathaniel Dube
AvatarofVirgo at gmail.com
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