[Samba] can't smbmount a Windows share

Ángel Galindo Muñoz agalindo at ub.edu
Tue Jan 3 08:52:11 GMT 2006


	don't know it you have been successfull, any way: There's no problem 
with samba, when you mount a share, you have to assign a local uid and 
gid to link theese files to your local filesystem.

	"mount" accepts the options "uid=localUsername,gid=localGroupname" , 
surely also "smbmount" can.

	And also take care that theese is also related with the "unix 
extensions" parameter in "smb.conf". You just have to do some "man 
smb.conf" and maybe "man mount" and "ls -d /mnt/share" and you will got 
it working.

	Best regards,

Pablo Graziano wrote:
> Client OS: Slackware 10.2
> Server OS: Windows 2003 Server sp1
> Samba version: 3.0.20
> Actually, it will mount, but I have to way of viewing or browsing the 
> mounted contents.
> Here are the commands and their status:
> smbmount // /mnt/share -o 
> ro,username=administrator,password=secret  (successful)
> ls /mnt/share  (fails with access denied message).
> So once it's mounted, can't do a thing with it. Very frustrating.
> I've run into a few users on the linux forums with the exact same issue, 
> but no solution that we've found yet.
> Notes:
> I am logged in as root on Slackware.
> linux box is a member of the domain.
> authentication succeeds.
> Any ideas would be much appreciated.
> Thanks in advance to all helpers

Angel Galindo Muñoz
agalindo at ub.edu

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