[Samba] Trouble Connecting to Server

Eric Hines eehines at comcast.net
Tue Jan 3 04:24:37 GMT 2006

At 01/02/06 21:37, Adam Nielsen wrote:
> > I'm having trouble connecting to my Samba server.  The immediate
> > symptom is that I cannot see my Samba server in my Windows Network
> > Neighborhood, and so I cannot connect to it to check my share
> > connections.
>You can still go Start | Run \\ip.address to connect to a 'hidden'
>Samba server.

I get a "network path not found" error.  However, when I do the same 
thing for each of the two subnets, I get invited to log in (my Samba 
error, I think--I may have not yet put anything into my tdbsam.  I'm 
still trying to get the network itself to work.)

> > I can ping all by hostname, as well as by FQDN; although it appeared
> > that I could not ping sserver by hostname only until I added sserver
> > and its FQDN to the PC's host file (which it reads as though it were
> > an lmhosts file).  I say "it appeared" because it looked like the
> > forward and reverse look up files for sserver appeared in the PC's
> > resolver cache before I made this addition, but I got too fast with a
> > ping test and contaminated that datum.
>It sounds like "nmbd" isn't running, or more likely, it's only running
>on one subnet.  There are all sorts of issues using NetBIOS names
>across different subnets, but Google will tell you all about that.

I do have only one instance of nmbd running, and two of smbd.  How do 
I get another nmbd instance to run?

>If running \\samba.ip on a Windows box works, then this is definitely
>the problem.

Additional data, from an error log I have named.conf generating, 
keeping in mind that I have dynamic dns turned on.  I'm getting 
messages to the effect that my test1 dot biz dot hosts dot jnl file 
(test1 dot biz dot hosts is the forward lookup file that, among other 
things, defines the points of contact for my two subnets) cannot be 
created due to a permission denied error.  My test1 dot biz dot hosts 
forward lookup table lives in /var/lib/named/master directory, with 
permissions rw-r--r--, and it's owned by root:root.  Further, even 
though I have ddns running, this test1 dot biz dot hosts file remains 
unchanged from the day I created it--not a thing has been added to 
it.  Should there have been by now, or am I exposing my ignorance 
here?  Further, my named and dhcpd are running in separate chroot 
jails.  Is this causing problems with updating this file--or any 
other of my forward lookup files?

Finally, what do the error messages mean, and what do I need to do to 
correct that?


Eric Hines

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