[Samba] Update LDAP password

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Tue Jan 3 03:42:12 GMT 2006

On Mon, 2006-01-02 at 18:31 -0800, Yusuf Tikupadang wrote:
> Hi, my name is Yusuf, I just join with this groups.
> I have using samba PDC with LDAP as backend. I have a problem to change user password from web. I tried using sudo smbldap-passwd, change permission every file so apache can read / execute that file, but I'm still can't change the user password. Is there any way to change the password only with change the LDAP password (using phpldapadmin maybe)? Btw, if I have to change the backend, 
> maybe using MySQL so I can change password from web, no problem, because I just implemented it in one department, not all department in my company.
> Thank's before.
other good advice has been given.

I would want to add that there are many versions of smbldap-tools and
you should make sure that you have a current version for your

You shouldn't need to setuid on any of the smbldap-tools programs as
samba has root privileges and can execute them. Any web/perl/shell
command to execute them with sufficient authority can execute it.

Web based such as phpldapadmin, lam, webmin (LDAP Users and Groups) are
all capable of setting the samba password attributes (sambaNTPassword
and sambaLMPassword) in the proper hashed format.


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