[Samba] Trouble Connecting to Server

Eric Hines eehines at comcast.net
Mon Jan 2 23:39:12 GMT 2006


I'm having trouble connecting to my Samba server.  The immediate 
symptom is that I cannot see my Samba server in my Windows Network 
Neighborhood, and so I cannot connect to it to check my share connections.

I'm running SUSE 9.3 on the server, which is running Samba (3.0.22) , 
a dhcp server (which seems to be running correctly--everyone gets an 
address when they ask for one), and a dns server with ddns operating 
(via the dhcpd).  NIC faces the Internet and gets there 
through a Linksys router/switch on  A Win2k PC sits on a subnet; this subnet's NIC is set to (the PC 
itself gets IP  A laptop dual bootable between SUSE 9.3 
and WinXP sits on a subnet; its NIC is set to 
(the laptop gets  Both of these subnets must go through 
the NIC to get to the Internet; all devices have easy 
access to the Internet.  A poor man's ASCII art diagram lies 
below.  Both the XP laptop and the Win2k PC have the same symptoms, 
so I'll just talk about the PC.

.3.0 ----.3.1--samba/dns/dhcp--.2.2---.2.9
                         Linksys .1.1

I have the following entries in its smb.conf:

         netbios name = lserver0
         workgroup = astra_ent [of which both the laptop and PC are members]
         interfaces = lo  [I can't use 
eth1 and eth2 as SUSE 9.3 assigns the ethx to different NICs on 
different boot ups]
         name resolve order = wins bcast hosts

My /etc/hosts file on the SUSE has the following entries:    lserver01.test1.biz     lserver01 lserver0    sserver.test.biz       sserver    lserver02.test1.biz     lserver02

Being cheap (perhaps pound foolish), I've not registered the test.biz 
domain; although if it comes to that, I will.  I have "registered" it 
by putting the sserver line from the /etc/hosts file into the PC's 
(for now; the laptop solution should look much the same) hosts file 
(which the PC reads just like an lmhosts file).

IP Forwarding is turned on on the SUSE box, and ddns is enabled via 
the dhcp server (and is evidenced by the resolver cache on the 
PC).  The Win2k's resolver cache has both forward lookup and reverse 
lookup files for sserver, sserver.test.biz, and all the lserver0x and 
.test1.biz names. The PC's WINS is pointed at the,, and NICs.

I can ping all by hostname, as well as by FQDN; although it appeared 
that I could not ping sserver by hostname only until I added sserver 
and its FQDN to the PC's host file (which it reads as though it were 
an lmhosts file).  I say "it appeared" because it looked like the 
forward and reverse look up files for sserver appeared in the PC's 
resolver cache before I made this addition, but I got too fast with a 
ping test and contaminated that datum.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Eric Hines

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