[Samba] Windows ACL modify ability?

Mike Partyka mpartyka at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 22:50:21 GMT 2006

I have posted several questions now and have ben unsuccessful in getting any
responses, so i thought i would take a different tack.

I know adjusting permissions on Samba shares, through the Microsoft MMC is
possible when you have POSIX ACL support compiled in your kernel. I don't
think that level of control is necessary for me and short of recompiling the
kernel for that support i have been unable to adjust permissions on Samba
shares through the MMC, i keep getting "Access is denied".

Could someone just toss out a couple ideas about whether adjustments to
ACL's ar possible without kernel POSIX ACL support and if so, what some
causes of the "Access is denied" could be?



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