[Samba] Problems with XP clients and profiles

Z B zb-lists at brightlinecompliance.com
Mon Jan 2 22:44:03 GMT 2006

Is pbedit a part of Samba or Windows? I'm not finding the command on the 
CentOS server or on an XP client...


Karl Banasky wrote:

>  I thought this had to do with the machine and user ID number (SID)
>  related to the Domain server. If you do a "pdbedit -Lv -u username" you
>  will see the SID numbers for that user. I would check and see that the
>  first set of numbers related to the domain or workgroup (I think) match.
>  I ran in to a similar problem before and I thought that is what I read
>  was my problem.
>  Hard subject to research if I remember correctly.
>  Karl-
>> Martin Miethe wrote:
>>>> However, the problem arises when I try to get the existing clients 
>>>> setup for the new domain. I'm able to join the domain without a 
>>>> problem. However, when I reboot and try to login via a samba 
>>>> username / password (we're using a first initial-last name 
>>>> convention), Windows creates a new profile in C:
>>>> \Documents and Settings\username.NEWDOMAIN, while all of the 
>>>> original data is in C:\Documents and Settings\username, and is 
>>>> essentially gone as far as the users are concerned. 
>>> Try this:
>>> 1) create a new account with admin rights (maybe administrator 2)
>>> 2) go to "local users and groups" -> right click on Administrators 
>>> -> Add to Group -> Add... -> Location -> select your local computer 
>>> name;
>>> enter the account name from 1) in the white box (administrator2)
>>> 3) restart!
>>> 4) go to the icon "my computer" -> righ click -> properties -> 
>>> advanced -> user profiles -> settings
>>> from here copy the content from the local profile (username) to the 
>>> DOMAIN.username profile;
>>> before you click OK, change the "permitted to use" to everyone (type 
>>> Everyone in the whitebox)
>>> 5) click ok and wait ... you can delete the new administrator2 account
>>> regards,

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