[Samba] Problems with XP clients and profiles

ZB zb-lists at brightlinecompliance.com
Mon Jan 2 21:09:02 GMT 2006

Hi all

I recently built a samba box to try and straighten up a nasty setup that my 
predecessors had running. The old setup was a Win2k box running AD, which I 
know very little about. All of the clients are running WinXP; some of them 
were authenticating via the Win2k box, some were just using local accounts. 
In either case, all files were being stored on the client machines, the 
server was just used as a shared file space.

I've set up a CentOS 4.2 box running Samba v3. Using a fresh XP machine, I can 
authenticate via Samba, have drives automatically mapped via a logon script, 
and have access to printers. New files are stored locally (we do NOT want 
roaming profiles), and all of the data is accessible when the machine is 
disconnected from the network. This is essentially the exact functionality 
I'm looking for.

However, the problem arises when I try to get the existing clients setup for 
the new domain. I'm able to join the domain without a problem. However, when 
I reboot and try to login via a samba username / password (we're using a 
first initial-last name convention), Windows creates a new profile in C:
\Documents and Settings\username.NEWDOMAIN, while all of the original data is 
in C:\Documents and Settings\username, and is essentially gone as far as the 
users are concerned.

So, is there an easy fix for this? Is there something I'm completely 
overlooking? I will happily provide any necessary config files or snippets of 
config files if needed.

Thanks very much!


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