[Samba] Sharing an HP PSC 2110 via Samba

Chris Penney penney at msu.edu
Sun Jan 1 19:29:29 GMT 2006

I apologize if this is the wrong list for this.  If there is a better list
please let me know.

I have an HP PSC 2110 (multifunction inkjet) attached to a SuSE 10 system.
Printing via cups works very well.  I want to share the printer to a WinXP
box.  As far as I can it's not possible to install the driver using the
"Have Disk" option so I restored to trying to install the driver in
\print$.  As far as I can tell, I've done this correctly and I can browse to
the printer and double click to install the driver and add it as a printer.
Unfortuantely, it doesn't seem to work when I try and print or even right
click the printer and open properties (I get an exception).

When I do a getdriver the output looks identical to that of a WinXP box
serving the printer excepting that some of the extra device files are in a
different order, but I'm assuming that's not an issue, no?  The driver,
help, etc. files are set correctly... I'm talking about the 20+ extra files
that are part of the driver.

Any help would be appreciated,


P.S. I don't subscribe to the list so please CC me.

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