[Samba] (no subject)

pm0mxk at gmx.de pm0mxk at gmx.de
Mon Jan 2 13:45:08 GMT 2006

i'm having trouble since we migrated Nt4 to ADS, i've a samba (3.0.20b) box,
acting as ADS Domain Member,net ads join, winbind and kerberos is fine, i'm
able to work with domain members to the samba box, no problems so far.

Problems are workstations and laptops from home users, they are not part of
the domain, those people can not log in, the samba log says
NT_STATUS_INVALID_COMPUTER_NAME, the account names selfs already exists
from the older Samba 2.x configuration, the strange thing is that this
bevavior is not permanent it appears and disappears from time to time.

Anybody can point me into the right track ?

Many thx.


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