[Samba] operation not permitted

Guido Lorenzutti guido at lorenzutti.com.ar
Tue Feb 7 00:40:31 GMT 2006

Some times, i know this is unusual, i get this error on my /var/log/samba/%m

recycle: touching .recycle/sgallard/Laura Ambrosio/Pablodv.xls failed, 
reason = Operation not permitted

Why? The file IS deleted. But it dosen't move to the recycle. The user 
can delete files, and i just happend. I can't yet find a pattern to 
understand why. The permissions are always the same. The type of file 
are always different.

This is my config for the recycle:

cat /etc/samba/recycle_group.conf
vfs object = recycle
recycle:repository = .recycle/%U
recycle:keeptree = yes
recycle:touch = yes
recycle:versions = yes
recycle:exclude = *.tmp *.temp *.obj ~$* *.$$$ *.o *.TMP *.TEMP *.exe 
*.EXE *.com *.COM

This way, i have a hidden .recycle directory on every share and when a 
user delete something, it goes to 
The wild thing is that the file always is deleted, sometime goes to the 
.recycle, sometimes not.

The users don't have any perms to enter .recycle directory. This maybe a 
The .recycle directory is defined in: dont descend = .recycle so they 
can't enter.

Any ideas?

Tnxs in advance.

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