[Samba] problems listing over 2000 files using smbmount from a windows share

daniel parkes liquidsmail at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 19:47:20 GMT 2006

Hy people,

I have a strage problem here, i have sles8 with samba 2.2, and whe i mount a
windows ntfs share on my linux box i dont see all the files that the share
has, because if i list the files using ftp or on the proper local machine
and i count the files i have 3500, and when i list then on my linux box on
the mounted smbfs i only see 2000, sometimes i get 0 files listed, i have
tried mounting the share with samba 3.0 in a debian box with exactly the
same result... , the thing is if i try moving a file that i cant see i can
move it and use it with no probss... :¿.

strange thing?? can someone help me out here?

the windows share is a w2003.


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