[Samba] Problem With Big File Transfer on Windows Client

ninoxp at free.fr ninoxp at free.fr
Fri Dec 22 13:28:54 GMT 2006

    Dear All,

I use Samba 2.2.12 on an embedded linux system as a server and a windows xp
(with SP2) pc as a client directly connected together with a cross-over network
cable (I have also tested with a normal network cable).

Everything works well such as connection or small files transfers but we have a
huge problem when we try to transfer a big file (~700 MB) from the client
(Windows) to the server (embedded linux). No problem in the other side.

Indeed, windows displays an error saying that "the specified network name is no
longer available", the copy process is stopped but it seems that data are still
sent to the server but finally the file copied is corrupted (bad checksum).

Moreover, we have performed different kinds of tests such as using a Linux
client or using a Linux PC as a server (with a Windows client) and everything
goes right. We assume that our problem comes from our Linux Embedded system but
we cannot find out the critical point. Moreover logs messages do not give us
more information execpting the "oplocks" problems, which are not the problem

Thanks in advance for your help.
Let me wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.

Kind regards from France,
Nicolas LOUIS

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