[Samba] Please!A question!

=?gb2312?B?wbq9ow==?= gilsun91 at mail.ustc.edu.cn
Tue Dec 26 11:17:33 GMT 2006

The Samba Team:
   Hello.I am from China and I am now coming across a question of Samba2.07,you
know that The Samba2.07 is not able to support to copy a file which is larger than
2G byte.And I found that the Samba of version 2.28  support  the  function.And 
the  file 
named WHATSNEW.txt tell me  that Fix 64bit size problems which prevented copying
of files larger than 2 GBytes of the version 2.28  .I  am  not  clear  that  how 
you  get  the  aim after reading some source codes.How you made it ?How you modify
it?Can you give me some information about it please?

   Best wishes!
                                              yours Jian liang

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