[Samba] Samba 3.0.23d compile problem under linux

George R. Kasica georgek at netwrx1.com
Wed Dec 27 16:24:03 GMT 2006

>On Fri, 17 Nov 2006 09:08:56 -0600, you wrote:

>>On Fri, 17 Nov 2006 14:35:30 +0100, you wrote:
>>On Thu, Nov 16, 2006 at 01:24:39PM -0600, George R. Kasica wrote:
>>> >What platform is this?  And what LDAP client libs do you
>>> >have installed (if any)?
>>> >
>>> Intel P-III platform, and no LDAP is in use or installed.
>>I think the question was more after what distro you are
>>running exactly. We need to reproduce it somehow to fix it.

>Sorry, it was at one time a Caldera 2.2 install but it is about 5
>years old so its more or less generic at this point.

Just curious - any progress on this at all??? Have seen nothing in the
thread or related to it since the mid-November time frame. Still
cannot compile 3.0.23d here.

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