[Samba] Accessing Samba Shares from linux

lucas adidéou a.delo at yahoo.fr
Wed Dec 20 17:51:09 GMT 2006

     I'm Lucas, a perl script developper .
      I discover, that << Filesys-SmbClientParser-2.7 >> is a perl module to
     reach windows or linux ressource.
      I try to use it with perl-5.8.0-88.4 on Redhat9E but whith no result.
      Can you help me ?
      Thank you very match!
 This is my script :
 use Filesys::SmbClientParser;
   my $smb = new Filesys::SmbClientParser(
                                         (user    => 'luka',
                                          password => 'luka',));
  my @l = $smb->GetShr;
   foreach (@l) {print $_->{name},"\n";}
   and the result it return :
 Utilisation: [-?] [-?EV] [-?EV] [-?EVNkP] [-?|--help] [--usage]
 [-R|--name-resolve NAME-RESOLVE-ORDER]
         [-M|--message HOST] [-I|--ip-address IP] [-E|--stderr] [-L|--list HOST]
         [-t|--terminal CODE] [-m|--max-protocol LEVEL] [-T|--tar <c|x>IXFqgbNan]
        [-D|--directory DIR] [-c|--command CHAINE] [-b|--send-buffer BYTES]
         [-p|--port PORT] [-d|--debuglevel DEBUGLEVEL]
         [-s|--configfile CONFIGFILE] [-l|--log-basename LOGFILEBASE]
         [-V|--version] [-O|--socket-options SOCKETOPTIONS]
         [-n|--netbiosname NETBIOSNAME] [-W|--workgroup WORKGROUP]
         [-i|--scope SCOPE] [-U|--user USERNAME] [-N|--no-pass] [-k|--kerberos]
         [-A|--authentication-file FILE] [-S|--signing on|off|required]
         [-P|--machine-pass] service <password>
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