[Samba] Samba as File Server for Windows Network

Daniel Schleig bobgb4 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 12:10:44 GMT 2006

I am trying to simply use Samba as a File Server for my home.  I currently
have 3 Windows XP computers networked under the same workgroup name, and
they are able to share files.  One computer uses a username/password to log
into windows and the others don't use a password.  I don't want any specific
folders that only one computer can access- I want them all to share a simple
public (no password required) folder (with subfolders) where they can all
have read/write access via their machines.

I am a bit of a novice when it comes to unix/linux, but I managed to install
Samba 2.2.12 on FreeBSD 6.0.  I have edited the smb.conf file by changing a
couple lines.  I am able to see the server in the Workgroup from the Windows
machines, but when I try to view properties or open it, I receive a dialog
"the device is not available-you may not have proper administrative
privileges to access-please contact the Administrator," something along
those lines.

Could you please help me in determining what lines I need to change in the
smb.conf file, and anything I have to do in the Windows machines.  Again,
all I want is a file server that all the Windows can store and retrieve
files from.

Thanks for the help!



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