[Samba] uidNumbers and gidNumbers for samba multi-domain setup (ldap)

Pablo Chamorro C. pchamorro at ingeominas.gov.co
Fri Dec 15 07:09:35 GMT 2006

Dear friends,

I managed to setup one additional PDC of my LAN, authenticating against 
the same openldap server.  I have this ldap tree:

- ou=users (for both domains), ou=computers (for both domains)
- ou=groups (for the first domain), ou=groups1 (for the second domain)

Please, I have these important doubts:

1. is it ok to have the same gidNumbers for well known groups for both 
domains?  I mean, i.e. is it ok to have cn=Domain Users with gidNumber=513 
for both domains? (and the same gidNumber for Domain Computers, etc?).

2. is it better/possible to use one common sambaUnixIdPool? or is it 
better/needed to have different sources for each domain, to assign let 
smbldap-tools to assign uidNumbers and gidNumbers?

Thank you very much in advance,

Pablo Chamorro C.

Ext. 8705

Tel: +57 (2) 7314752/3222/2595 - Fax: +57 (2) 7310514
Carrera 31 #18-07 Parque Infantil - PO Box 1795 - Pasto

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