[Samba] Problem with logging in to domain

Natanael lenis at o2.pl
Thu Dec 14 13:36:52 GMT 2006


I have windows domain set up on samba and I need to login to this domain on other linux computer. Joining the domain and logging in by users of windows 2k works ok, joining the domain on linux works also, but I cant log in (from linux). 

When i log in "domain+login" it reports "Bad login", welcome text and ask for login another time. 

On the monitor screen it writes:
winbindd_add_memory_creds_internal: invalid uid for user DOMAIN+login.

Could anyone help me, or tell mi where can I find help, please?

(My Linux system is Opensuse 10.2)
I'm begginer in linux and my english is not very good, sorry if there is something not clear. If so, please tell me, and I will try to explain.
Natanael :)

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