[Samba] ACL issue with Samba 2.0.23d + GFS

Dex Chen dex.chen at crosswalkinc.com
Thu Dec 14 16:08:23 GMT 2006

Thanks for the response.

I tested ACL support on Linux side with setfacl command. I was able to add/modify the ACLs through the command.

Here is the example of getfacl output:
# file: cdx_gfs_cifs1
# owner: dchen
# group: users



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as far as I know GFS only supports posix acl. So only user:group:other.
Everything else are extended acl which are not supported.

Have you tested, if the acl rules are working on the unix side ?

Bye, Peer

Dex Chen schrieb:
> I build with ACL support and installed samba 2.0.23d on RedHat EL 2.6.9.
> It runs fine. But, I ran into an issue with ACL support.  Here is the
> detail:
> I set up a cifs share (gfs_cifs) which is on Linux GFS (see the smb.conf
> below), and mount it on a XP box. Then I try to change the permission of
> the dir through Windows native security tab. When I apply the changes
> (click on OK/Apply button), "Unable to save permission changes ...
> Access is denied" error message is popped up. 
> But, I was able to using "setfacl" command on linux to modify the acl of
> dir.
> In addition, I was able to do exactly same thing for a share (ext_cifs)
> on ext3 file system.
> At this point, it seems to me this problem has something to do with
> combination of samba and GFS.
> I tried all other options in smb.conf, and nothing is help.
> Any help on this would be really appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Dex

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