[Samba] 'system error 5 has occured' when mapping printer

Mark Rutherford mark at maunzelectronics.com
Wed Dec 13 20:50:36 GMT 2006

Hi all,

I have had this issue for a really long time that I had a workaround 
for, but this workaround
has caused more harm than good.

The issue is when mapping 'LPT1'
I know this is a local LPT port, etc and I know that non-administrators 
cannot map this port.
The port is needed by a legacy application, and it cannot be changed 
until this application goes the way of all things.

So, to work around this issue I simply made everyone local admins on 
their machines.
Problem is, now people download and install things and it is just a 

I need a better workaround to this port issue, but non presents itself.
If I use devcon to disable the port, in theory I can map it 
(devcon disable *PNP0401)

So, the thing that springs to mind is group policies.
This needs to happen at login, so is there a way to run this command as 
an admin, then process your login script as the user?
Or, does someone have a real workaround?
Or, is my workaround the only way and I need to stand over peoples' 
shoulders to keep them from downloading IMs and file sharing apps?

Thanks all.

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