[Samba] A mass O trouble with solaris 10 and Samba+ADS

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Dec 13 17:21:26 GMT 2006

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Robert Bannocks wrote:

> So my questions.
> 1. Are these known bugs?  - i.e. if openldap was compiled 
> with sasl support then the compilation line requires a -lsasl.
> Is configure going to be fixed?

Your linker should be pulling in any indirect dependencies.
Use Gnu ld and not Sun's ld (IMO).

> > 2. For samba purposes is removing libldap's dependency on 
> sasl going to break or limit the functionality of samba
> in any way?

Currently no.

> 3. Will samba ever be "fixed" to compile/configure with 
> native Solaris LDAP libraries.

Probably not unless someone else submits a patch and works
around the things we need from the ldap libs.

> 4. It would be nice to see this documented somewhere, 
> my googleing found little on this topic.

Please add this to http://wiki.samba.org/.  We should create
a "Building" page for various OS lavors.

cheers, jerry
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