[Samba] svcctl - access denied

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Dec 13 16:25:42 GMT 2006

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Dennis B. Hopp wrote:
> I have a samba 3.0.23a server that is a member of a Windows 2003 Active
> Directory domain.  I can use the Services MMC to see the services specified in
> the svcctl list option in smb.conf but trying to stop/start any services gives
> me an "Access Denied".

You have to be a member of the local Administrators group
on the Samba box (or root).  Make sure you have winbindd
running and that 'net sam listmem Administrators' should
the domain admins group included in the local Administrators

> Also, once this is figured out, is there a way to give 
> permissions to certain users to stop and start some
> services but not others (for example, developers may
> want to restart JBoss, but I don't necessarily want
> them messing with MySQL on the same box).

You can set the security descriptor using the sc.exe
command from a Windows client.  See the sdset and sdshoow
tool options.

cheers, jerry
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