[Samba] Samba and automount?

Bjoern Tore Sund bjorn.sund at it.uib.no
Wed Dec 13 11:25:58 GMT 2006

Jiří Červenka wrote:
> Hello,
> thanks for reply.
> Could you post example of your pam_cifs configuration. 

I'd rather not, unless you're wondering about something specific - 
there's a quite good example in the pam_cifs documentation.

> Are your homedirs on w2k3 or w2k server?

No.  The Windows file systems don't have the correct functionality to be 
homedirs for Linux, you'll need a local homedirectory and then mount the 
real home directory in a subdirectory.  I didn't want that, so I'm using 
Samba on the server side.

> Is it possible to use pam_cifs with winbind? Pam_cifs has pam_ldap in 
> requisities.
> I use pam_winbind for authetization.

Not tested, but I can't think of any reasons why it shouldn't work.  I'm 
one of the developers of pam_cifs, and I can't think of any reason 
pam_cifs with winbind shouldn't work.

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