[Samba] Help with Samba+JFS

Will Constable wconstab at andrew.cmu.edu
Sat Dec 9 19:00:47 GMT 2006

I have a network server running FC5, with a hardware raid 3 card using 5
drives, as one large (1.2TB) partition in JFS.  I chose JFS because of a
recommendation for performance from a MythTV tutorial, but I don't really
know much about file systems and am suspecting JFS to be causing my
problems.  I run samba, apache and MythTV on this machine, and there is
essentially only one problem as far as I know.  


If I write to my server from the network (only tested from windows XP pc's
using samba), I often get either an error in windows (Delayed Write Failed),
or windows freezes while writing.  On the server side, I generally get
kernel messages from JFS that are completely meaningless to me, just a bunch
of cryptic numbers and function calls.  After one of these problems, I can't
access the directory that was being written to, or my prompt freezes.
Rebooting seems to be the only fix- jfs does some replaying and then the
filesystem is perfect again.  This sounds a lot like a cut and dry problem
with JFS. except that MythTV does quite a lot of high intensity writing to
the array and never has trouble like this, yet it happens frequently when
being written to from samba.  


First of all, is there any known problem with using JFS with samba?  Aside
from that, I sort of figure maybe there is a samba configuration option that
is to blame.  Possibly something to do with buffering or with maximum
throughput allowed. I am just guessing, but can anyone help?


Thanks a lot!


willconstable at gmail.com

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