[Samba] Unable to get default yp domain

Thomas Besser thomas.besser at archIT.uni-karlsruhe.de
Mon Dec 11 14:04:44 GMT 2006


running here samba-ldap-pdc (debian sarge, samba 3.0.14a-3sarge, cups).
Domain users can delete their own print jobs. But they should also be able
to delete print jobs of other domain users. But this does not work, because
of access problems.

net groupmap list
Domain Users (S-1-5-21-2984023303-172644929-1026171850-1222) -> archi
Domain Admins (S-1-5-21-2984023303-172644929-1026171850-512) -> admin

Over winxp (network environment -> server -> printers -> access) I arranged
that for the group 'domain users' print job management is allowed.

But deleting occurs access denied. Here is the log file:

[2006/12/11 13:26:43, 3] lib/util_seaccess.c:se_access_check(252)
  se_access_check: user sid is S-1-5-21-2984023303-172644929-10261718
  se_access_check: also S-1-5-21-2984023303-172644929-1026171850-1222
  se_access_check: also S-1-1-0
  se_access_check: also S-1-5-2
  se_access_check: also S-1-5-11
  se_access_check: also S-1-5-21-2984023303-172644929-1026171850-513
[2006/12/11 13:26:43, 5] lib/util_seaccess.c:se_access_check(315)
  se_access_check: access (f000c) denied.
[2006/12/11 13:26:43, 4] printing/nt_printing.c:print_access_check(51
  access check was FAILURE
[2006/12/11 13:26:43, 5] lib/username.c:user_in_netgroup_list(315)
  Unable to get default yp domain
[2006/12/11 13:26:43, 3] rpc_server/srv_spoolss_nt.c:_spoolss_open_pr
  access DENIED for printer open

What does the message "Unable to get default yp domain" mean?

Any hints?


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