[Samba] windows xp services crashes after a while after samba upgrade

Edmundas Vasonskis Edmundas.Vasonskis at mif.vu.lt
Sun Dec 10 22:19:09 GMT 2006


we have problems with windows xp with service pack 2 which are joined
to samba domain. The problem is that lots of services at Windows XP
workstation like server, workstation and others stops responding after
a while. This happens not at the same time, event if all workstation
boots operating system at the same time. Affected are all Windows XP
workstations. The problem started nearly after the samba upgrade. So I
think it migth be related to samba.

After restart everything works fine again for some time.

There also was problems with Windows server 2003 with terminal
services after the same samba upgrade. Problem is that svchost
crashes. (that happens at Windows XP too)

Tried to rejoin some workstations to domain but that not changed

The common errors in Windows Xp workstations event log:

Automatic certificate enrollment for local system failed to contact the active directory (0x8007054b).
The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.
Enrollment will not be performed.

I don't know if this really connected to samba but thats the reason
i'm writing here to sk you. Maybe someone had similar situation.

I'd really appreciate for any help because I'm stucked as I can't find
the clue why this happens.

P.S. I had same problem with Windows XP workstations in Windows server
2003 domain but affected were computers without service pack 2.

And this time everything worked until samba upgrade.

Edmundas Vasonskis
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Vilnius University
24 Naugarduko Str. LT03225 Vilnius, Lithuania

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