[Samba] Can connect to shares via IP but not hostname

Scott samba at troutpocket.org
Sun Dec 10 19:21:01 GMT 2006

Chris Smith wrote:
> On Friday 08 December 2006 11:59, Scott wrote:
>> This is a samba box acting as a DC.
> See the section "Procedure 3.5. Server Validation Steps" in 
> http://us1.samba.org/samba/docs/man/Samba-Guide/secure.html.

Just for fun I changed the line:

   netbios name = STARFISH


   netbios name = SEALION

...and it started working fine when connected to \\SEALION\share.  I also got it 
to connect via \\starfish.domain.local. I can live with this if I have to, but I 
have to re-educate 30 people to connect to SEALION instead of STARFISH which is 
a daunting task.

With this new information does anyone have a clue where I could look to sort out
the issue with name resolution?  Again, I can browse shares when connected to
\\\share (also \\starfish.domain.local\share), but not through
\\STARFISH\share.  All name resolution channels are working properly.  I can see
the root shares, but I can't access them via the hostname.  I've verified my
hosts, lmhosts, bind files, dns.  What else is there that would seemingly affect 
name resolution like this?

For the record, the useless windows error message that appears when I try to
browse into a shared folder is:

|| \\starfish\share refers to a location that is unavailable.  It could be on a
|| hard drive on this computer, or on a network.  Check to make sure that the
|| disk is properly inserted, or that you are connected to the Internet or your
|| network, and then try again.  If it still cannot be located, the information
|| might have been moved to a different location.


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