[Samba] Trouble getting samba AD integration to work

soleblazer soleblazer at gmail.com
Fri Dec 8 15:16:29 GMT 2006

Thank you!  Yes taking the .COM off fixed my issues!!

Man I wish there was more intuitive errors on here  ;-)

Thanks again!

On 12/7/06, Rashid N. Achilov <achilov-rn at askd.ru> wrote:
> On Friday 08 December 2006 04:33, soleblazer wrote:
> > I have followed the steps to get Samba setup as a member of
> AD.  Following
> > the instructions I was able to get the samba server added to the
> AD.  When I
> > run wbinfo -g for example, I see all of the groups on the AD.  If I do
> > something like kinit with my AD login, I enter my password and it
> works.  I
> > enter a bad AD password and it fails.
> Have you test your join with net ads join? Is it OK?
> Are you really sure, that your "workgroup=" should be "MYDOMAIN.COM",
> not "MYDOMAIN"?
> Can you connect to your Samba box with MMC from Windows Machine
> (Manage->Connect to another computer)?
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