[Samba] smbclient and smbtree

Fabio Marcone fabio.marcone at duet.it
Thu Dec 7 15:30:52 GMT 2006

Hi to all!
I've a problem with smbclient and workgroup browsing (not domains).
I'm using smbclient to get domains/workgroups, workstations and shares
in a network containing domains and workgroups (M$ and Samba).

Problem: if I use smbclient to get workstations that belong to a M$
workgroup, I get workgroup shares but no workstations (in section Server).

In a Samba workgroup there is no the same behavior.

If I use smbtree, I can see all workstation  in the M$ workgroup.

- why smbtree and smbclient have different behaviors?
- Does exist a way to recognize workgroups and domains?

I use smbclient in a program and it's an hard job to replace it with
smbtree (output parsing...), so I need to find a way to get workstations
list in M$ workgroup with smbclient.

Someone can help me?

Thanks in advance,


Dott. Fabio Marcone

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