[Samba] automount and winbind conflict

Jiří Červenka cervenka at sps-pi.cz
Thu Dec 7 14:10:36 GMT 2006

I have problem with automount, winbind and nsswitch.conf.
When in nsswitch.conf is this line:
automount:  files winbind

Then automount won´t start and those messages appears in log:
Dec  7 14:51:20 u116-0xl automount[3135]: lookup_nss_read_master: can't 
to read name service switch config.
Dec  7 14:51:20 u116-0xl automount[3135]: master_read_master: can't read 
master map auto.master

When I remove winbind from line mentioned above automount starts normally.
Is this some bug?

Thanks for help.

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