[Samba] howto "upgrade/transfer" samba domain-user + domain-group data to a new windows 2003 active directory domain?

Bolke de Bruin bdbruin at aub.nl
Thu Dec 7 12:11:44 GMT 2006

Urs Rau wrote:
> Alternatively, I would also welcome any suggestions that would allow
> us to use microsoft outlook shared calendaring and enable us to manage
> the windows xp workstations using group  policies, using any other
> configuration, preferably open source of course. ;-)


Group policies for samba:


We are using zarafa (http://www.zarafa.com) as Exchange replacement, but we still work with Outlook. Install is easy with LDAP (and also AD) support and MySQL as datastorage. Blends in with any MTA (we are using postfix), webmail through apache and php. Also supports pop3/imap.  Support has been great for us and feature list goes up quick. Ymmv however.

Both are commercial offerings though, still they are a lot more affordable than ms's. Additionaly they do not depend on active directory leaving your current infrastructure in place.



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