[Samba] Anonymous access in windows 2003 sp1

=?big5?B?TGF0cmVsbCBXYW5nIKT9xG269Q==?= Latrell.Wang at zyxel.com.tw
Wed Dec 6 06:50:30 GMT 2006

Hi all:


As far as I know, win2k3 sp1 disable anonymous access by default. It =
will remove user =A1=A7anonymous logon=A1=A8 from pre-windows 2000 =
compatible access group.

Under such circumstance, smbmount will not success because anonymous =
access will be blocked. One way to solve the problem is to re-add =
anonymous logon to pre-windows 2000 compatible access group. However, it =
seems to be a security hole. Does anyone encounter the same problem? How =
do you get around the problem?

My samba version is 3.0.21c.=20


Thanks for any replies,


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