[Samba] howto force file deletion with restricted permissions

Peter Eser Peter.Eser at heuft.com
Tue Dec 5 07:04:18 GMT 2006

with delete readonly = yes I have a workaround, but then
all users can delete a file with restricted permissions, not only
the owner of the directory.

Nobody any idea?

thanks,    Peter

>I'm running recent samba with acls and ldap
>(no force user or force group).
>Now I have a problem with file deletion.
>If a user A gives user B write permission on a directory 
>and user B restricts the permission of his files in the directory of A 
>(e.g. r--------, can be done via windows), then user A is not able to 
>delete this files in his directory via Samba. Under linux the user
>can use rm -f to delete anyway. 
>Somebody know a solution for this?
>man thanks,    Peter

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