[Samba] Write permissions no working

Giuoco, Aaron AGiuoco at atlantia.com
Mon Dec 4 20:13:57 GMT 2006

I am having a problem assigning write permissions to shares.  I have
joined my RHEL 4 server to our Windows 2003 domain and have gotten to
authenticate through Active Directory.  I can log on to the machine
using my Windows AD account.  However, any shares I create seem to be
read only.  I can't create files/folders in the shares or modify the
documents from my Windows machine.  One of my share definitions is
below.  If you need to see the rest of my SMB.conf file, let me know.
The snippet below should give SBM\Domain Admins read access an the
SBM\agiuoco account write access to the snmp share, correct?

        path = /etc/snmp/
        read list = "@SBM+Domain Admins"
        write list = SBM+agiuoco
        public = no
        browseable = no

Aaron Giuoco
Systems Admin
Atlantia Offshore Limited
e: agiuoco at atlantia.com
ph: 281-899-4385

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