[Samba] can join a domain, but users are not able to log in

Tim Boneko tim at boneko.de
Sun Dec 3 15:17:02 GMT 2006

Chris Hellwig schrieb:
> - the attached log file is the clients log (log.clientname)
> - in that log-file one can find "Checking password for unmapped user
> []\[]@[POSEIDON] with the new password interface" where poseidon is the
> clients name.
> But there is nothing in the log-file which points to a users name.

did you set the smbpasswd for the user?

And: I got it from your mail that you added the client to the domain on
the server. Is that right? I add my clients from the client machine
(Win2K: System settings -> System -> Domain membership or whatever,
don't have windows at home :-)
This works good for me and i didn't know there was a different way; i
figured that the domain settings need to be processed by the client.
Maybe you should join the domain from the client and try again.

But these are amateur thougts of course ;-)



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