[Samba] FreeBSD PPP and WinBind

David Atkinson samba-list at atkinsonet.com
Mon Dec 4 02:38:25 GMT 2006

In June there was some discussion of authenticating users against an  
NT domain/ AD domain using ppp-2.3 and/or ppp-2.4. FWIW: I'm  
referring to http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2006-July/ 
122419.html . At that time Andrew Bartlett of the authentication  
development team pointed out that ppp-2.4.x supports the ntlm_auth  
plugins necessary to perform the authentication, but 2.3.x doesn't.  
Which leads to my question:

Has anyone done the porting to get a version (I'm happy with mpd,  
user-ppp or kernel ppp... anything that works.) of ppp and ntlm_auth  
working under FreeBSD (FreeBSD 6.x preferred, but any recent FreeBSD  
would give me a starting point)?

FWIW, I am trying to replace a Windows PPTP server. (I'm aware of the  
PPTP security issues, but that's a bigger problem that will be dealt  
with later on.) In order to replace the server, we need to be able to  
fish username/password details out of Active Directory. Before  
someone asks, replacing the Windows Domain Controller is NOT an  
option and I have managed to get WinBind working. (The ntlm_auth and  
wbinfo programs return sane information) 

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