[Samba] Macro expansion in LDAP entries like %L no longer works with 3.0.23d

Oliver Burtchen oliver at burtchen.com
Sun Dec 3 22:26:41 GMT 2006

I just want to note this for other users having problems with roaming profiles 
after upgrading their samba. As far as I can see this change is not described 
somewhere else.

I updated a samba PDC from 3.0.21b to 3.0.23d and had problems logging in an 
Windows XP using roaming profiles complaining just about not finding a 
network-path. Profiles could not be loaded. It took me 1 day to figure out 
that ldap entries like

sambaProfilePath: \\%L\Profiles
sambaHomePath: \\%L\home

do not longer work like they did with samba 3.0.21b. Now you have to hard-code 
the path like

sambaProfilePath: \\Servername\Profiles
sambaHomePath: \\Servername\home

for all users in ldap. 

Hope this helps someone having the same problem.

Best regards,

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