[Samba] Rev #2 of the 3.02.3c patch

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Thu Aug 31 18:23:35 GMT 2006

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Don Meyer wrote:

> In the future, when doing these pre-release tests, would 
> it make sense to adjust the Release tags in the RPM
> packaging sections to reflect an ordered but prerelease
> nature of the builds?
> For instance, the first patch set built "3.0.23c-1" rpms.   
> The second patch set also builds "3.0.23c-1" rpms.  These
> aren't seen as updates, and would have to be force-installed.

Really I don't want the RPMs to be called 3.0.23c
anyways....I was hoping to keep things simple.
I really only did the patch sets on impulse to get
testing from people who were experiencing certain bugs.

Now it appears you are going to make me do real work
with it :-)

You comments are a fair assessment.  I'll think about
it more for 3.0.23d....

cheers, jerry
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