[Samba] DOS client cannot execute BATCH file on samba share

Roberto João Lopes Garcia roberto at mha.com.br
Thu Aug 31 13:11:34 GMT 2006


I just upgrade from 3.0.13 to samba 3.0.23b and after upgrade DOS Lanman Clients could not execute BATCH or EXE files stored on a samba share.

Client can see, type and copy the file but cannot execute ! It can execute the batch file copy to C:

I dig a little and found: http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/1997-November/004734.html

>Further investigation has revealed that it seems this error is caused by
>the fact that smbd is unable to update the file access time, as the error
>happens within file_utime(). What I don't get is: Why does WinZip run?
>The files and directories have the same permissions... Strange

So I try to disable dos filetimes 

   dos filetimes = no

But did not work. 

I'm now seting up a server for test and see more debug messages.

Please, some one could help me?

Thank you


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